Open Sesame Offers Many Different Push Pads and Accessories


Open Sesame Door Systems offer a wide variety of accessories to fit your needs, including many different types of push button door openers. Some push pads can be used as stand-alone or in conjunction with each other. 

It should also be noted that there are accessories that only work with Model 133 or Model 233, as well as accessories that will work with both.

Got Question?

Our product specialists and network of installers are available to assist you with accessories like push button door openers.

Open Sesame, great simple install and they have all kinds of options! These guys know the product too, awesome technical support.

SH is working nicely. I had my handyman install it...our clients like it and it is helpful when your arms are full and you can't open the door manually!


...Open Sesame is very good. Lots of options and support.