No red light on board

Cause Solution Operator is switched OFF Move switch to ON position Unaligned H Sensor and red dot on disk Realign H Sensor and red dot on disk H Sensor may not be close enough to red dot Push up H Sensor with your thumb, should be 1/16” away from red dot Blown Fuse Replace fuse […]

No Green (ON) light on the board

Cause Solution No power from transformer (no green light on the transformer) Plug transformer into a different outlet Bad Transformer Replace transformer

Battery Replacement

The internal battery in the Open Sesame door operator is a 12 volt, 1.2Ah sealed lead-acid type. We use the MK (brand) ES1.2-12. Typically it will last from 3-5 years before needing to be replaced. Usually, at the end of its life, you will notice that the door opens and closes more slowly, then finally […]

What happens if the door closes while someone is in the way?

For the residential Model 133, it will push against the obstruction for a short period of time (adjustable, 1-5 seconds), then stop pushing and enter the delay state. After the delay period it will try to close again. It will continue this cycle until the obstruction is removed. For the commercial Model 233, it will […]

Can I leave the door open?

Yes, after activating the door operator by pushing the remote control button once, simply push the button again to stop the door at the desired angle. It will stay there (although it is free to move) until the button is pushed a third time, which closes the door.

What is the range of the remote controls?

The remote controls are manufactured by big-name companies that manufacture garage door openers. The range is typically 100′, but in some cases can be reduced to 30′ with certain kinds of wall construction.