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Battery Replacement

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The internal battery in the Open Sesame door operator is a 12 volt, 1.2Ah sealed lead-acid type. We use the MK (brand) ES1.2-12. Typically it will last from 3-5 years before needing to be replaced. Usually, at the end of its life, you will notice that the door opens and closes more slowly, then finally reaching a point where the door fails to open. Of course, if you have had a power outage recently, the battery could just need to be recharged. This should happen in a few hours after the power returns (make sure the on-off switch is in the “off” position to ensure fastest recharging). Also, make sure that the power transformer is still plugged into the wall outlet and that the green light on the transformer is lit.

The MK battery (or the equivalent of another brand) can be obtained from Open Sesame or locally, at a Batteries Plus or Interstate Battery store. Sometimes, security access stores also sell this type of battery.

To replace the battery, loosen the two Phillips head cover screws on the operator (at the top and bottom center) about 1/4″ and slide the cover off. You will have to open the door slightly so you can get a screwdriver on the top screw since the arm is in the way when the door is closed. To remove the battery, remove the electrical tape covering the battery terminals. Disconnect the wires connected to the battery terminals. Now you can remove the battery.

Note: On older Open Sesame units there is a small black screw that helps secure the battery in place. You do not need to remove the screw.  A piece of tape runs down the side of the battery that holds it in place. Peel the tape strip up off the side of the battery, then rotate the back of the battery out toward the side of the case. It will come out from under the black screw head and you can then remove it.

When putting in the new battery be sure that the connectors fit tight on the battery terminals, a loose connection could cause problems. You can squeeze the terminals gently with a pair of pliers while they are disconnected if necessary to make the connection tighter. Make sure to observe the correct polarity when replacing the wires on the battery terminals. The tape that was over the battery terminals keeps them from scratching through the paint and shorting out on the inside of the cover, so be sure to replace the tape.

Once the battery is in place, with the wires connected and the electric tape placed over the connections, replace the cover and tighten the two screws. If you need assistance with this you can always call us at 800-673-6911 during our regular business hours. (9am to 5pm M-F, Pacific Time)

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Remote Control Batteries

The batteries used in our transmitters are shown below. They can be obtained at your local drug stores.
2-button transmitter
4-button transmitter
Replacement Battery = 12v 23A
keyless entry push pad
large wireless wall push pad commercial door opener
narrow wireless wall push pad
vertical push pad
Replacement Battery = 9v
push button door opener keychain transmitter
Replacement Batteries (2) =
3v 2016
push button door opener wireless wall touch pad
Replacement Battery =
3v CR123