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Door does not open

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Cause Solution
Red light on board not on H Sensor and red dot not aligned
Loose Connections Check & tighten all connections
Battery Failure Refer to battery testing instructions. Turn operator off if recharging is needed or replace battery if it’s 3-5 years old.
Obstruction, weather stripping Remove obstruction, thick weather stripping may need to be removed.
Blown fuse Replace fuse – located in tubular fuse holder connected to orange battery wire
Bad Radio Receiver Board (if Test button does not work) Replace Radio Receiver Board
Strike in Fail Safe Mode (new install) Change strike to Fail-Secure Mode

Remote Control Batteries

The batteries used in our transmitters are shown below. They can be obtained at your local drug stores.
2-button transmitter
4-button transmitter
Replacement Battery = 12v 23A
keyless entry push pad
large wireless wall push pad commercial door opener
narrow wireless wall push pad
vertical push pad
Replacement Battery = 9v
push button door opener keychain transmitter
Replacement Batteries (2) =
3v 2016
push button door opener wireless wall touch pad
Replacement Battery =
3v CR123