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Transmitter does not work

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Cause Solution
Incorrect remote Green Antenna = 433Mhz
Purple Antenna = 315Mhz
Gray Antenna = 390Mhz
(Antenna is the coiled wire located behind red and black buttons on the top of the operator)
Transmitter not programmed Refer to Owners Manual or see programming instructions at OpenSesameDoor.com
Dead battery on transmitter Replace battery, refer to the Owners Manual or go to OpenSesameDoor.com for battery information
Bad/loose connection between Top Board and Receiver Board Fix/tighten the connection
Bad Receiver Board Replace Receiver Board

Remote Control Batteries

The batteries used in our transmitters are shown below. They can be obtained at your local drug stores.
2-button transmitter
4-button transmitter
Replacement Battery = 12v 23A
keyless entry push pad
large wireless wall push pad commercial door opener
narrow wireless wall push pad
vertical push pad
Replacement Battery = 9v
push button door opener keychain transmitter
Replacement Batteries (2) =
3v 2016
push button door opener wireless wall touch pad
Replacement Battery =
3v CR123