Open Sesame openers can also be used for special applications including French/Double Doors, Storm/Screen Doors, Elevators, Lifts, Gates and more…

French Doors

Our units work on double doors whether you wish to activate one door or both doors.

Storm/Screen Doors

Open Sesame units are regularly installed on storm and screen doors. Like pictured, the unit is typically mounted on the inside of the door and not visible from the outside.
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Automate any residential or apartment swinging elevator door. Open Sesame low voltage openers are simple to install and wire.


Open Sesame openers make Lifts easier and more accessible. They automatically open and close the door upon loading and unloading.

Open Sesame Door Systems Lifts


Our Open Sesame unit can be installed on many pedestrian gate applications.

Hidden Doors
and other applications

Open Sesame door systems have been mounted on hundreds of hidden doors and other interesting applications. Make the entrance to your hidden doorway more accessible by automating it.
Open Sesame Door Systems Hidden Door

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