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Will people that don’t have a remote control be able to operate the door?

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Yes, the door will function normally when manually used. For the Model 133, that means the door is free-swinging (no resistance is felt). For the Model 233, that means that the door will feel like it has a spring closer on it (a light resistance to opening is felt), and it will close when let go. The Model 233 usually replaces a spring closer on the door.

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Remote Control Batteries

The batteries used in our transmitters are shown below. They can be obtained at your local drug stores.
2-button transmitter
4-button transmitter
Replacement Battery = 12v 23A
keyless entry push pad
large wireless wall push pad commercial door opener
narrow wireless wall push pad
vertical push pad
Replacement Battery = 9v
push button door opener keychain transmitter
Replacement Batteries (2) =
3v 2016
push button door opener wireless wall touch pad
Replacement Battery =
3v CR123