Transmitter does not work

Cause Solution Incorrect remote Green Antenna = 433Mhz Purple Antenna = 315Mhz Gray Antenna = 390Mhz (Antenna is the coiled wire located behind red and black buttons on the top of the operator) Transmitter not programmed Refer to Owners Manual or see programming instructions at Dead battery on transmitter Replace battery, refer to the […]

Door does not close

Cause Solution Not enough force M233: adjust clutch by rotating the red ring on the clutch. If more force needed (both models) move shoe of arm in towards hinges and place middle of shoe on the next existing hole. Battery Failure Recharge or replace battery

Door goes the opposite way

Cause Solution Direction of Slide Switch towards wrong side. Move Slide Switch towards hinges. With parallel mount, Slide Switch should be away from hinges

Strike does not release door latch

Cause Solution Clutch is engaging and keeps running so it wont let you open the door Battery Failure-Turn off operator and recharge. Replace battery if it’s 3-5 yrs old. Bad Wiring See Detailed Troubleshooting on Bad Door Cord or Bad RJ-11 See Detailed Troubleshooting on

Door moves slower upon opening/closing

Cause Solution Weather stripping, dragging on door. Remove anything that might be dragging the door. Thick weather stripping may need to be removed Battery Failure Recharge or replace battery

Operator only works in one direction

Cause Solution Bad Bottom Board Test by: Sliding Switch on opposite direction, open the door and hit test button (M133) door should open further if it doesn’t then there is a bad bottom board. M233 door should open automatically. If it does not, replace bottom board.

Door does not delay

Cause Solution Incorrect Close Delay setting Adjust Close Delay knob (5-35 sec) Bad Top Board Replace Top Board

Door does not open

Cause Solution Red light on board not on H Sensor and red dot not aligned Loose Connections Check & tighten all connections Battery Failure Refer to battery testing instructions. Turn operator off if recharging is needed or replace battery if it’s 3-5 years old. Obstruction, weather stripping Remove obstruction, thick weather stripping may need to […]